High Interest Savings Deal Alert: Simplii Financial Offering 2.00% (this offer has expired)

Special Offer Alert

Attention Fellow Savers !

Mr. Thrifty wants to alert you to a new savings rate promotion by Simplii Financial: 2.00% interest per annum on new deposits until March 31, 2021!

The offer applies to new deposits by new customers (regular, RRSP and TFSA savings accounts all included).

Simplii also indicates existing customers are eligible for a “special interest rate” – but must call Simplii’s customer service line to receive it (we understand from reader feedback that the rate is 2.30%)

Promotional interest is paid once, in April 2021 (normally we would want all interest to be paid monthly, but getting paid in 2021 will help you defer income tax on the promotional interest).

For more details, click here.

For a list of all the high interest savings accounts we track, click here.


  1. The Simplii promo interest rate does not show when I log in to the new account… Very difficult to find out what interest rates actually apply. Not recommended.

    • Thank you for sharing your observation with the community. One of our tips in How to Evaluate a Promotional Savings Offer is to look for confirmation of your interest rate. We recommend trying to obtain a confirmation by email.

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