High Interest Savings Deal Alert: BMO Offering 2.85% [This offer has expired]

Special Offer Alert

Attention Fellow Savers !

Mr. Thrifty wants to alert you to a new, targeted savings rate promotion by BMO: 2.85% interest until February 29, 2020 for new account Smart Saver account holders. This is a targeted promotion – you need to receive the offer from a BMO employee or via e-mail directly from BMO.

We add, however, a cautionary note to this targeted offer based on reader feedback. One of our readers, reported having a negative experience with the fine print associated with BMO’s offer, remarking that the offer is only available to those who open a chequing account (with fees) and sign up for online banking and billing. Please take this feedback into account if you are interested in the offer so that you do not waste your time.

If you want to receive this offer we suggest calling up BMO or visiting a local branch.

To see more details of the offer click here.

Other Recommended High Interest Savings Accounts

In recent weeks, promotional offers have leveled off and BMO is predicting an October reduction in interest rates by the Bank of Canada, so the new BMO offer comes at a good time.

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USD Deposits ?

Looking to get higher interest on your USD deposits ? Don’t worry, Mr. Thrifty has you covered. Check out our recent column for a how-to guide and check out this offer from Tangerine.

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