Introducing Industry Night, NYC’s Little-Known Deal

What is Industry Night, you ask ?  Open mike at a local club ?  Code word for a gentlemen’s night out ? It’s a vague enough term to make Mrs. Thrifty suspicious (and, make no mistake, Mrs. Thrifty has every reason to be suspicious).  But, if even the very savvy Mrs. Thrifty hasn’t heard of a bargain, well, that positively makes it blog worthy. Fellow bargain hunters, Industry Night is a term of art which, in the restaurant industry, refers to a night of the week where restaurants offer special deals to workers in the restaurant industry.  True industry nights tend to be well-kept secrets. Do an internet search and most results will lead you to run-of-the mill happy hour or late night specials.  We’ll pass on the $1 slice of cheese pizza and the not-so-special late night menu at the oh, so exclusive (not) Employees Only, thank you very much. 

Best Bargain in NYC

Mr. Thrifty is here to tell you about the best bargain in NYC: Industry Night at Osteria Morini in Soho.

Monday Nights After 9pm

Yes, folks, on Monday nights after 9pm Osteria Morini offers most of its famed Michael White pasta dishes for the princely sum of $12 each.  No, that was not a typo.  $12.  Michael White pasta.  Run, do not walk to Osteria Morini on Monday night.  Need a glass of wine (or two) to bring out the flavor ? A glass of Lambrusco runs for $7; a bottle, $20.  Why isn’t this on the advertised menu, you ask ? Well, it’s intended to be an under-the-radar special only known by some insiders and locals and……now……..devotees of Mr. Thrifty.  You have to ask for the menu.  

How to Get the Special Menu

What proof do you need to show ? Mr. Thrifty, as an insider, has never been asked for proof.  If you are, though, confidence is the key: steady yourself, look them straight in the face and tell them the truth: you are a Sandwich Artist.  Of course, it would be sexier to pretend to be an architect or a marine biologist but, in this instance, pretending to be a Subway Sandwich worker has its privileges.   And, when it comes to this bargain, do not tell them Mr. Thrifty sent you.  Mr. Thrifty wants to maintain his Industry Night status. Not to mention his good standing with Mrs. Thrifty.

Know of any other worthy Industry Night specials in NYC or elsewhere  ? Feel free to leave a comment and share.

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